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Understanding Open Skies Agreement and Fly America Act

In the world of international air travel, there are several agreements and acts that govern the operations of airlines. Two such important agreements are the Open Skies Agreement and the Fly America Act.

The Open Skies Agreement is an international treaty that allows airlines from different countries to operate freely across borders without restrictions on routes, capacity, or pricing. This promotes healthy competition and provides more options for travelers. To learn more about the Open Skies Agreement and its implications, click here.

On the other hand, the Fly America Act is a law that requires federal employees and contractors to use US-flagged airlines for international travel funded by the US government. This act aims to support the domestic aviation industry and ensure the economic benefits stay within the country. To understand the details of the Fly America Act, visit this link.

While the Open Skies Agreement promotes global air travel and competition, the Fly America Act focuses on supporting domestic airlines and preserving economic benefits. It is essential for both travelers and airlines to be aware of these agreements and acts to navigate the complex world of international air travel effectively.

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