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Derma Roller For Hair And Beard Regrowth 540 Micro 0.5MM Titanium Alloy Needles Reduces Hair Fall & Stimulates Hair Follicles, Safe and Effective Easy to use | Skin Care Men and Women


Improves Blood circulation: These micro needles help improve blood circulation reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles & acne scars
Beard & Hair growth: The micro-needling process of the derma roller creates small punctures in the skin and helps stimulate hair follicles thus improving the absorption of topical applicators for improved nourishment of hair & skin
Activates dormant follicles: This derma roller ensures that all follicles in your head and beard get activated, giving you a thicker, fuller & healthier hair

How to use: Sanitise the derma roller. Roll the derma roller back and forth over each section of skin in a horizontal, vertical, and diagonal direction. Apply gentle pressure and avoid using too much force. Apply a serum to help support the skins healing process
Note: It is important to note that the frequency and intensity of derma rolling may vary depending on your skin type and individual needs.

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