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Product Name
Michael kors


✅ *Style is written in the stars, get famous & Gain the shine with this New Timepiece by Michael Kors.* ✅

🌟 Michael Kors Crystal Torping, New Lexington Generation Available & Ready to ship today 🌟

# Michael Kors
# For Her
# 5AA Premium Collection
# Dial – 31mm
# Lexington Stars Crystal
# Feature-Working 24 hour country timing, rose gold stainless steel chain, stars crystal dial, Rose & Rose Two Tone case band with White,Black,Rose dial Original Flip lock, back & button screws with *Uncompromised Original Quartz Machinery* ❤

*Gorgeous MK Lexington star Crystal comes with beautiful Rose & Rose two tone colour with White,Black & Rose dial which suits your styling and make your time perfect*

Only for ₹1500 free shipping