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Product Name
Television service provider


:IPTV service provider fast speed :
“Live channels HD UHD Channels + Movie+Series watch on LED TV””
*Pakistan IPTV service provider*

Available in Live UK
Available in Live Canada

*Pakeges Available*
1 Month. / 3 Months
6 months / 12 months
1 Day free tarial test available

*Opplex IPTV service Available*
“[10.000 Live channels+ “12.000 Movie+900 series “available ]
“Sports channels}
“Entanglement channel}
“Indiana Movie}
“English Movies√
“Punjabi channel _
“Watch on LED TV/ Tv/! “Android Box/Iphone ;
“Best results clear Quality “Channels Results

*Contact On what’s app*


*Payment method*

:Jazz Cash and easy pasy ?