What is InstaOrder?

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Digital Entrepreneurship Strategies

Digital entrepreneurship is the process of developing of internet-powered business models. It isn’t dependent on any specific location, and utilizes smartphones, laptops and internet to sell products and services such as e-books. The popularity of the technology has helped make the world a smaller place and created new opportunities for entrepreneurs to exploit. It has also made it easier for traditional companies to go digital to maintain their customers and expand beyond their physical location.

To develop and sustain a sustainable internet-powered business model, digital entrepreneurs need to be able to employ a variety of strategies. These strategies include scalable business models, strategic partnerships and networking. They also require effective communication and perceptive management. The digital entrepreneur must also have a long-term outlook and the ability to work through roadblocks in an unperturbed manner.

In the process of creating and using a digital artifact that is scalable the digital entrepreneur needs to be able recognize the value proposition that is valid (VP). Typically, this involves finding and leveraging disruptive VPs that transform existing business practices into digital enterprise governance vs corporate governance business models or create new ones completely. Netflix, Airbnb and Uber are just a few examples of digital entrepreneurs who have used this strategy to their advantage.

Case study research is an excellent method to study digital entrepreneurialism. This is due to the fact that it permits the study of real-world phenomena and can assist in answering the ‘What’ and ‘How’ questions.

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